We realise we’re in a fabulous location and that there are lots of wonderfully creative artist/designer/makers out there….so we’d like to offer our space for exhibition of your gorgeous and adventurous work………we’re putting out a CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for exhibitions of work for a few exhibitions each year (we’re still nutting out how many we can deal with…argh, the admin!!! – we want to make our own work too)!! The people that wander in and out of the Danks St Arts Complex are an interesting and fascinating bunch, either interested in the arts, artists, or involved in the arts in some other way. Whilst we realise our space is a small one, it’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase your work to this audience. So, for anyone interested , please drop us an email at studio2017(at)optusnet.com.au, and a couple of images of your work you and we’ll send you out some info….