BK’s off to Japan!!! Poor Mel, I wish I could pack her in my suitcase. I booked the flight today. Am looking forward to Tokyo and discovering all the art galleries and visiting Deux Poisson Gallery. Was at an artist friends place for a bbq on the weekend and Daniel Goettin was there (he currently has a wonderful show on at Connie Dietzschold Gallery)…turns out he is a big fan of Tokyo, so I have a very long scrawled list of places to see, things to eat, and trains to catch (happy for more ideas from anyone out there)……am very excited, but before that we have our BIG LAUNCH of Studio 20/17 —– lots to do!! Mel and I discovered the difference between normal glass (green tinge) and Star Fire Glass today (much clearer and more expensive)….we now have to decided which one to get to put in our drawer units that we’re having made for the gallery space (do we want all the work to have a slight green tinge? Will anyone really notice?)……….fingers crossed they’ll be ready before the Launch and Emma’s opening!