our new whisper quiet ventillation systemHere’s a photo of Nick (Mel’s partner) testing out the new ventillation system that he’s kindly created for us. It’s built with an elevator fan (very quiet – you could use a vacuum cleaner setup just as effectively if noise wasn’t an issue….send us a comment if you want more info on the experiments that have been done on this) and a container of activated charcoal to filter out the metal/solder fumes. We’ll probably come up with a more elegant fastening mechanism in the longer term, to allow movement and also to make sure that the air isn’t drawn through our breathing space….I think it looks a bit like the head of a snowman with  a top hat on, wearing a high, orange coloured neck piece (yes – that IS a ‘modified’ traffic cone)…………NOW – stay tuned for images of what our soldering area looked like AFTER the power switch was turned on!!! You guessed it, there wasn’t a lid on the top and the fan blew the tiny bits of charcoal all over the studio….mmmm, slight design modification required – but the concept seems sound – YIPPEE, we’ll have a fantastic and quiet system very soon!!!!!