Mel has gone! Travelling around the outback of Australia, driving and camping through the Northern Territory exploring this great Nation of ours. Can’t wait to see how the trip influences her next body of work. In the meantime I’ve put my Chichu Art Museum book on the counter in the gallery and am raving about Japan to any poor soul that shows the slightest interest…and……I’m spreading out all over Mel’s desk – more space yeah!!! Have about 3 projects on the go. My  ‘diary’ series based on found objects during my travels….some ‘bread and butter’ work, and work for the upcoming group show at Gaffa end of July.

ongoing work - \'deadwood\'Here’s a little bit of it….I’m continuing my exploration of the ‘deadwood’ concept that I started last year….the plan is that it will be a floor work… go with existing pieces in the same body of work.

found on the beach on Naoshima Island





and to the right is one of the diary pieces in progress…these were found washed up on a beach on Naoshima Island. They look kind of evil and beautiful at the same time (ahh….the Chichu Art Museum…too difficult to describe – you’ve just got to go there!!!) I discovered Tadeo Ando, the mega Japanese Architect – wow! what an AMAZING man – I am a mega adoring fan!