Mel has been working hard since she came back from her trip. She has a some beautiful new designs in the studio and we are getting more people through the space…it’s funny….sometimes it’s just so quiet and we wonder where everyone has gone and whether we will ever hear footsteps coming down the hall again (all you can hear is the sound of emery paper and rhythmic sawing)….the great thing about the space, is that during the quiet times we can make, make, make…..and chat, chat, chat……AND THEN we’ll have a day where someone will just walk in and purchase a few pieces all at once, or a complete series of work, or a wall piece…and it all seems a bit surreal….so up and down…. There just doesn’t seem to be any pattern to it….the weather doesn’t seem to make a difference that we can see, and occasionally we’ve put our little kiddy chalkboard out at the end of the corridor (kindly leant to us by one of the other gallery owners) and maybe that makes a difference, it’s hard to tell…….while travelling to work each day,  there is that little sense of anticipation and excitement of what might unfold during the coming day at the studio….