My head is continually messed up by the making of limited edition work vs one-off exhibition pieces. I quite enjoy the repetitive element of making the same thing over and over, and then suddenly, it just does my head  (and heart) in and I feel like a little factory…don’t get me wrong I still love the process of it all … I love the exploration, challenges,  play and freedom that comes with exhibition and more conceptual work…and that it allows me to communicate ideas and concerns that I have… but (at this stage) it’s difficult to feed the small mouths in the nest at home with this kind of making (although it feeds my soul)…and often there isn’t the time and head space to work on ‘larger’ projects. I’ve just started some ideas of some limited production work based on the brooches I made for the ‘Winter Brooches’ exhibition, which I think will incorporate some of the joy of creating the one-off work. They still allow for some freedom and play through paint, colour and construction, although are not quite so labour intensive (allowing them to be in a price range that might actually sell)!! In the originals, the jump rings were all hand soldered but I have scaled them down and had a mould made. Below are the original one-offs….stay tuned for the limited edition versions.