Artisan day involves a couple or person designing and making their own piece of jewellery. Bridget and I offer this opportunity in the studio and we recently had a beautiful couple, Kate & Mark design and make their own engagement ring.

The project usually runs on Sunday for 6 hours but this can vary depending on the design process. We held the recent day over 2 Sundays as the design required we outsource the casting process. Kate and mark designed the ring, Kate came up with the idea to have mark to tie a piece of string around her finger and then have the string element cast in gold, a wonderful concept. The 1st Sunday we had a great time with hot wax and string and arrived at the final piece! The second Sunday Kate and mark Soldered and polished the engagement ring.  Below is an image of the finished ring set with Cognac diamonds.

It looks great and they were so happy with the outcome. Kate wrote a beautiful email about the day, my favourite part is below –

“We soldered, we polished, we filed, we punched (out the metal)… We had such a wonderful time and, without getting too sappy about it, every time I look at my ring I think of the near hysterics we were in, Mark nearly burning my hand with a hair-dryer, losing a piece and all four of us on all fours scouring the floor for it, and the delicious treats the girls provided for the busy craftscouple. My ring is already loaded with memories and it’s only been on my finger for two days. Bridget and Melanie, you went above and beyond, thank you so much for helping us make something so special.”