Mel and I are having a fun day in the gallery today. it’s the last day for submission entries for our winter brooch exhibition and we also have all the work arriving for the upcoming ‘Paper Text’ exhibition.

Zoe Jay Veness - Pendant

Zoe Jay Veness - Pendant

We’re excited by the wonderful cross section of work and looking forward to introducing some new artists to the Sydney contemporary jewellery crowd!

Artists exhibiting are:

Alice Potter (AUS)
Annaig Bidan (AUS)
Barbara Ryman (AUS)
Belinda Newick (AUS)
Danielle Butters (AUS)
Eliana Arenas (MEXICO)
Erin Keys (AUS)
Fabrizio Tridenti (ITALY)
Ingeborg Vandamme (NETHERLANDS)
Jessica Dare (AUS)
Lucia-Natalia Nieves Cortes (GERMANY)
Leah Tarlo (AUS)
Lotte De Mey (BELGIUM)
Nicole Polentas (AUS)
Sabrina Meyns (IRELAND)
Tatjana Panyoczki (NZ)
Zoe Jay Vaness (AUS)