I’m so excited! Mel and I feel like kids again…lots of little parcels full of delicious goodies and special treats have been arriving in the gallery! This weekend our Christmas showcase gets setup… unpacked a lovely series of work from Roseanne Bartley this morning. Brooches fabricated from ring pulls, all painted white with striking flouro element in the centre, a sumptuous brooch and an exciting neckpiece with elements of the tops of Macdonalds plastic spoons.  Just love it! thought they were little white teeth at first….I sooo need another pair of glasses….Fans of RB’s work are going to be fighting over these pieces!

I got out the studio camera to take some snaps of some of the work that’s been arriving…..but the battery was dead….so stay tuned for images !!

On Wed night we have the AGNSW WAGS group cocktail party at 2 Danks. It’s looking like a big night, with all the galleries open. Our showcase is going to be a feast for their eyes!

A photo of some of Emma Fielden’s beautiful work in the show (photo taken by Emma)engraved rings