Hi, my name is Sebastien Terracher.

I just completed a diploma of Jewellery and Oject Design at the Enmore Design Centre last Decembre and now I am investigating how I can start to contribute to the growing Jewellery world, here in Sydney. I’m starting here with gallery 20/17. I will be reporting on the blog, sharing a bit of the day to day life at the studio as well as some maker’s interviews. I will try and gather useful and inspiring stories for you.

Jewellery design is extremely varied, so many shapes, colors and materials but my favorite thing about it, is its scale. When entering any contemporary Jewellery space it is impossible for anyone but to be confronted by an array of magical objects all so different from one another. Each piece contains a personality, an essence which you could claim yours by wearing it. Studio 20/17 collection is a perfect example of how exciting Jewellery can be.