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Google synthetic diamonds...

The results are predominately synthetic diamond sellers, followed by articles detailing the laboratory process, a ‘how to’ on creating your own man-made diamond using a microwave to create ‘graphite plasma’[1] and a disgruntled ex-fiancé who asks ‘was it fair she dumped me because I gave her a fake diamond’[2]? It’s a jumble of information that fails to illuminate the numerous benefits of lab-grown diamonds and gems…

Synthetic diamonds, also known as cultured or lab-grown diamonds are safe, sustainable man-made gems. Laboratory conditions replicate the heat and pressure of the earth’s natural diamond-growing environment. The result is a real diamond, chemically, physically and visually identical to natural, mined diamonds but without the environmental, social and financial baggage of the diamond mining industry.

Synthetic diamonds are affordable, sustainable, 100% conflict free and come with a certificate to prove it. In addition, lab-grown gemstones including rubies, sapphires, emeralds and alexandrite, are also created using similar high-pressure laboratory processes, gems identical to their natural counterparts. Synthetic diamonds and gems provide an excellent alternative when looking for something special.

Don’t be fooled by Google.

Note: the image above is of work by Saori Kita. It isn’t made with synthetic gemstones. We just put it on the blog because we love it!





Check out this article about Saori Kita’s work. We’ve just finished setting up this wonderful exhibition,  beautiful, beautiful. – bk

Bridget and I went to a beautiful exhibition opening last night at Paper Plane gallery in Rozelle. Two of our gallery artists Saori Kita and Rui Kikuchi were part of the exhibition.

– Mel

Check out the exhibition blog –

The exhibition is up!

New work by :-

Karin Jacobsson, Karin Findeis, Helena Bogucki, KarenThompson, Joung-mee Do, Daehoon Kang, MelindaYoung,  Lauren Simeoni, Phoebe Porter, Raewyn Walsh, Kristin D’agostino, Djurdica Kesic, Melissa Cameron, Elfrun Lach,  Leslie Matthews,  Bridget Kennedy,  Diane Appleby, Farah Bandookwala and Saori Kita. – bk.

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