Google synthetic diamonds...

The results are predominately synthetic diamond sellers, followed by articles detailing the laboratory process, a ‘how to’ on creating your own man-made diamond using a microwave to create ‘graphite plasma’[1] and a disgruntled ex-fiancé who asks ‘was it fair she dumped me because I gave her a fake diamond’[2]? It’s a jumble of information that fails to illuminate the numerous benefits of lab-grown diamonds and gems…

Synthetic diamonds, also known as cultured or lab-grown diamonds are safe, sustainable man-made gems. Laboratory conditions replicate the heat and pressure of the earth’s natural diamond-growing environment. The result is a real diamond, chemically, physically and visually identical to natural, mined diamonds but without the environmental, social and financial baggage of the diamond mining industry.

Synthetic diamonds are affordable, sustainable, 100% conflict free and come with a certificate to prove it. In addition, lab-grown gemstones including rubies, sapphires, emeralds and alexandrite, are also created using similar high-pressure laboratory processes, gems identical to their natural counterparts. Synthetic diamonds and gems provide an excellent alternative when looking for something special.

Don’t be fooled by Google.

Note: the image above is of work by Saori Kita. It isn’t made with synthetic gemstones. We just put it on the blog because we love it!